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Bettering the breed

KittenWhiskersJoy offers the highest quality of kitten breader services. Breeding persians doll face kittens is not a job for us its a preferred lifestyle. We prefer doll face persians over any other feline breeds not only because its very therapeutic for our mental health most importantly we strongly believe these gracious and loving felines are one of the most compatible and well adjusted for family with or without kids and other pets and they just wonderful companions and stay mostly happy and healthy with the right care to never stop amuse you with their beauty and  loving temperament.

Their docile and very well adjusted personality and beautiful flowing coats with gorgeous faces and huge loving blue eyes just make this breed irresistible and one of the most popular feline breeds in the world.

Our breeding precious babies are our most loving family members who staying and living the best life with us in our home and we are constantly making sure they remain safe, happy and healthy.  We only produce very few litters per year and our goal is to produce the most healthiest, happiest and most beautiful kittens that bring never ending love and joy to their family.

White Kitten



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